Robotics, automation, and AI (RAAI) is changing the world as we know it. For investors and society, the biggest gains and benefits of RAAI still lie ahead both financially and socially, and the benefits and efficiencies of these technologies will positively impact many aspects of our lives.

Globally, we are faced with many social challenges. Aging populations. Healthcare systems at capacity. Dangerous pollution levels. Over-demand for scarce resources. Increasing wage inflation. Safety and health concerns. The list goes on and on.

At its core, RAAI is about tackling many of these challenges
by creating efficiencies, flexibility and assisting human safety and general well-being. At ROBO Global, we maintain a research and investment approach that supports these efforts by incorporating critical ESG aspects.


In the creation of the ROBO Global Indices, we have incorporated a strict ESG Policy. The ROBO Global ESG Policy dictates that we observe and may exclude companies if there is an unacceptable risk that the company contributes to or is responsible for serious human rights violations, severe environmental damage, or other violations of fundamental ethical norms, including the production of weapons that violate fundamental humanitarian principles through their normal use.

As futurists,  we believe our investments should be in the best interests of future generations. We are committed to maintaining an ESG Policy that continues to reflect that believe even as our world changes around us.