What is ROBO Global?

ROBO Global is an index, advisory, and research company wholly focused on helping investors capture the unique opportunities of fast-growing robotics, artificial intelligence, and healthcare technology companies around the world.


How do I license the ROBO Global indices?

For licensing information please email our head of sales, Chris Buck, at chris.buck@roboglobal.com


How do I invest in ROBO/HTEC?

Please visit the financial product page here to select your country and redirect to the financial products tracking the ROBO Global indices.


What kind of companies are in the portfolios?

The companies in the ROBO Global indices are publically traded with a portion of their revenues derived from robotics, AI, or healthcare technology.


Is ROBO Global a Robo Advisor?

No. ROBO Global is a team of financial and industry experts focused on maintaining innovative investment portfolios.