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In the face of an AI trade war, it’s the tailwinds that matter most

It wasn’t long ago that artificial intelligence was considered a futuristic pipe dream. Novels, films, and television shows have been serving up images of an AI-driven world for decades. Fiction authors like Neal Stephenson and Isaac Asimov painted a picture of a world in which whoever controlled technology and AI controlled the world—including the resources and, more importantly, the people. I have to wonder if Stephenson or Asimov had any inkling how accurate their visions would be—or ho...

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7 Sep, 2018 image

Drones are taking flight indoors. Are you ready?

By Raffaello D’Andrea, PhD Every day, the unique abilities of drones are being applied in amazing new ways: To help battle this year’s epidemic of wildfires, the California National Guard is using drones to capture images through the smoke and map fire behavior in real time. Last week, WakeMed Health & Hospitals began testing drones to deliver critical medical supplies between buildings at its multi-acre campus in Raleigh, NC. Spurred by drone delivery programs at Amazon, G...

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